Friday, March 7, 2008

Renewals not required for MCITP Certs

Microsoft has rethought the policy and decided that instead of requiring you to recertify your MCITP certifications every 3 years, the certs will remain active until mainstream support ends. Even then, the certs won't drop from your transcript but instead be moved to a "retired section" on your transcript to show your depth of experience.

Here are a few links to get more info

Microsoft's post:

Trika and Gerry's posts (Certification people at Microsoft):

What does this all mean?

First, once you earn the certification, you keep it forever. You're not required to recertify to keep the certification.

Second, others (such as potential employers will know you had those certs even if they have expired).
Say you go out and get your MCITP: DBA on SQL Server 2005 or
MCITP: DB Dev on SQL Server 2005
, and then about 8 years from now you apply for a job that needs experience on SQL Server 2014. You can show your transcript that verifies that only do you know the current product, but you've been working with it through several versions.


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